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Open Sources for iOS developers

I love being helpful. Here I have provided a list of libraries that I keep up to date. If you have questions about the library, it's best to create a ticket. If you have any ideas, please contact me.

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Wrapper of SFSymbols. You choose the icon and what style to draw it in. You can specify the font with which to draw the icon. If the symbol is not available for your version of iOS/macOS/tvOS, the compiler will show a warning. Processed all symbols by script.


Library for ask permissions. You can check state of permissions: available .authorized, .denied & .notDetermined. Available ready-use UI for request permissions: list, dialog & native. You can reqeust it with one line code.

All text and images customisable. Support iPad, dark mode and RTL. Interface in an Apple style. Can be installed via Swift Package Manager and Cocoapods.


Mimicrate to indicator which appear when silent mode turn on / off. Available 2 animated presets: done & error. Also support custom images and present from top and bottom.

Work with haptic. You can manage duration of present and even intercative it with gesters. You can provide custom images too. Written in native Swift and can be installed via Swift Package Manager and Cocoapods.


Popup from Apple Music & Feedback in AppStore. Contains Done, Heart, Error and other presets. Supports Dark Mode. I tried to recreate Apple's alerts as much as possible. You can find these alerts in the AppStore after feedback and after you add a song to your library in Apple Music.

You can provide your images or use it library like simple centered message. With tap it automatically hidden. Native presets have animated icons. For install you can use Swift Package Manager and Cocoapods.


Widget animations from iOS 14. You can apply it to any views! Same animation for transform and shadow. In example app you can select values like you need and see how it work.

You can customise duration, perspective and shadow. If you want have native style, call one line code for apply it.


A simple solution to show the confetti to the user. Smoothly starts and stops.

You can change shapes and switch between styles. It is possible to change the size and position of emitter. Ready use arc, star, heart triangle shapes. You can set custom shape with your image.


Mimicrate to native UIPageViewController. Each page is new controller, it can be even navigation controller. Support parent layout margins, paging and scroll by index.

Don't have bug with tranlation when rotate like apple's UIPageViewController. Also you can scroll to any page programatically. If you need pages for inboarding, you can disable scroll by gester.


Extension of Diffable API which allow not duplicate code and use less models. Included example for new SideBar.

Work with specific folder and have native cells for fast have table template. Written in Swift and work iOS 13+. Can be installed via Swift Package Manager and Cocoapods.


New project with mimicrated views and controls to native Apple appearance. Available previews for each element. If you have any ideas of what elements can be added, let me know.


It's my collection of extensions and special classes. I have boost when use it in my projects. It economy time with basic tasks. Support tvOS and watchOS. Can be installed via Swift Package Manager and Cocoapods.